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Handheld Image-Guided Needle Placement

Over 20 million1 central lines are placed globally each year, making this one of the most common medical procedures in the world

With 4-11%2 complications, this leads to 200,000 to 550,000 preventable complications per year

$26,7613 – The cost of one central line complication

We are democratizing vascular access

Fast and reliable performance for clinicians in one of health systems’ most commonly performed procedures.

Vessel targeting with CERTA™

Coming Soon: The world’s first Handheld Image-Guided Needle Placement device

In May 2023, OBVIUS Robotics completed its initial clinical cases with the CERTA™ handheld device. Users were able to quickly visualize the target vessel and advance a needle in seconds to the target location. This was done with 100% access success
across both experienced and inexperienced users.

Our Founding Story

The idea for OBVIUS Robotics was conceived when an emergent liver failure patient required a central line placed for life-saving medication to stabilize very low blood pressure. Despite significant expertise placing such lines, the critical care physician could not successfully gain vascular access with the difficult anatomy of this crashing patient. He eventually did, but was determined to find a better solution to address this common problem among both skilled and less experienced clinicians.

“I need a technology that makes it possible for every member of my extended team to place central lines in our ICU. Today that doesn’t exist.”
– Pat Herlihy, MD - Head of Critical Care, Baylor St. Luke’s MC, Houston

Company Leadership

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Russell Seiber

CEO | President | Co-Founder

William Cohn, MD

Chief Medical Officer

David Herrmann

Chief Commercial Officer


Vice President Operations
An exciting opportunity to be in the initial stage of establishing manufacturing operations at OBVIUS Robotics, a well-capitalized start up medical device company advancing hand-held, image guided, robotic technology to democratize vascular access in Central Venous Catheterization.
Weston, FL (On-site)
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Press Release
March 20, 2023
OBVIUS Robotics
Announces $10 Million Series A Funding Round for its Hand-Held, Image Guided Vascular Access Device
Press Release
June 8, 2023
OBVIUS Robotics
OBVIUS RoboticsAnnounces Completion of Successful First-In-Human Cases
April 27, 2023
OBVIUS Robotics at Vascular Access Society

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*The CERTA Access System is not approved or cleared for use in patients in any geography at this time.